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March 06, 2008



Advanced Alternative HIV Treatment Bio-Tech

Planet earth is technologically advanced and developed more than ever before. Electricity, Nuclear, DNA, Electromagnetic Radiation, Oxygen is all being used to treat and cure several viral infections in hospitals and clinics but unfortunately none of such technologies have ever been widely used on HIV.

Some say, the above technologies are too expensive to be adopted in Africa, some say they don’t know if the technology would work on HIV.

Here at Savec Health Systems in Belfast UK, we researched and developed alternative medicines commonly used for treatment of viral infections. One of our products is omnivir, a medical device that generates antiviral active oxygen, also known as medical ozone.

HIV, just like any other retro-virus has a lipid protective skin which is vulnerable to active antiviral oxygen / medical ozone . Once the HIV protective skin is damaged, the virus will be inhibited and rendered unproductive thus it cant make more copies or replicate itself and it eventually dies.

Active oxygen deactivates and eventually kills the HIV by destroying its protective skin. Using omnivir medicine properly will help to reduce the HIV viral load in the body, enabling the body to fight opportunistic infections on its own. Omnivir gas is quickly absorbed into the whole body and lymph, even into the bone marrow where it acts against the viruses. The active oxygen’s destructiveness nature on HIV, virus and bacteria is partly attributed to the oxidation (burning of viruses) of unsaturated bonds in the phospholipids and lipoprotein architecture of the bacteria, viruses. All viruses cant live in oxygen , (they breathe nitrogen) , thus surrounding them with highly active form of oxygen / medical ozone will quickly inactivate and kill them.
Because omnivir gas can oxidise (burn) a wide spectrum of ailment causing organisms (pathogens), it is therefore very helpful for recovery from AIDS and Opportunistic Infections. When a patient is diagnosed with AIDS, literally she will be suffering from several conditions, from karposi skin cancer to diarrhoea (see HIV symptoms). Omnivir gas technology has been successfully used to treat majority of those AIDS conditions, some therapist across the world reporting 99.99% remission success rate, see www.savechealthsystems.com/omnivir.html for more information.

Omnivir treatment gas does not only kill HIV or opportunistic infections, but also helps to boost the immune systems by raising the CD4 count. The immune system contains different types of cells that help protect the body from infection. One of these types of specialized cells are called the CD4 or T-cells. HIV attacks these types of cells and uses them to make more copies / multiply. And in doing so, HIV weakens the immune system, making it unable to protect the body from illness and infection. The less the CD4 cell count the more you are susceptible to AIDS causing infections. Using omnivir will help you stay health and live a normal long life by killing the HIV and aiding reproduction of the CD4 T Cell.

By SAVEC HEALTH SYSTEMS www.savechealthsystems.com


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I truly hope that our government can figure out something fast for our healthcare system. There are so many people in need of medical attention it is disgusting.

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God bless you if you're experiencing health issues!

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Because omnivir gas can oxidise (burn) a wide spectrum of ailment causing organisms (pathogens), it is therefore very helpful for recovery from AIDS and Opportunistic Infections.


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Why is it so hard for liberals and neo-"conservatives" to learn even the basics of economics?
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I like active fresh air deactivates and eventually eliminates the HIV by wiping out its safety skin. Using medicine properly will help to reduce the HIV popular load in our body.

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