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March 04, 2008


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that's great news for everyone. let's hope this breakthrough would still progress..

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Exciting Prospects for New Treatment for Aspergillus Fungi

Mildewy walls, moldy breads, grains and other food stuffs are often the result of a type of fungi known as the genus Aspergillus. These results can be unpleasant and wasteful. However they are the lesser concerns related to this fungus. Some of the species can be the cause of serious illnesses in humans. They particularly affect humans whose immune systems have been compromised, for example, by drugs, cancer treatments or other diseases such as HIV. Now, however, there is early evidence of a novel approach to treating this and other fungal infections.

FulviCare Ltd, have announced the results of recent research on a novel treatment for Aspergillus. The research was conducted by Euprotec, a commercial biotech research company, associated with the Manchester University Hospital. The substance they tested was CarboHydrate Derived Fulvic Acid (CHD-FA). A spokesperson for FulviCare said that CHD-FA had shown great effectiveness against Aspergillus species, both in the laboratory and in-vivo. CHD-FA was effective on its own, but was also surprisingly effective in combination with existing treatments such as Amphotericin B. “By using CHD-FA in combination with Amphtericin B we were able to lower the effective dose of Amphotericin B required to treat the disease. This means we can reduce both the cost of Amphotericin B and the toxicity of Amphotericin B. Before the toxicity of Amphotericin B meant that it could only be used in small amounts and only for a few days. The combination is much less toxic and opens the way for more effective treatment of fungal infections in immune compromised patients”.

CHD-FA is becoming widely known for its uses in other areas such as complementary medicinal products such as the daily wellness drink, Secomet V. The spokesperson said that this drink was becoming more popular by the day. We don’t yet know all of its benefits, but we are very happy with the safety of the product and the results we have seen so far.”


I wanted to share this info. I have friends with many medical ailments that are helped by Isamune. Since Isamune is also recommended for AIDS, I wanted to share it. Seems that natural solutions don't get much visibility in the USA. It's a shame that too often only the Rx solutions are known by doctors. Anyway, here's some info if you're interested:


God bless you if you're experiencing health issues!


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CHD-FA is becoming widely known for its uses in other areas such as complementary medicinal products such as a daily wellness drink.



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