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March 09, 2008


Danielle Williams

This is such an interesting device. I would love to get a sample of it to use for my organization at one of our events. It would be great as an educational tool. We teach the community about how to prevent the spread of Aids. Women especially need to have more control of how to protect their bodies. A lot of times, when you are in the heat of the moment, it is especially difficult to tell the man or ask the man to strap it up, so if the woman can find a device that she can use and not have to tell the man about it or that she can intimately put on and be assured that her life is now protected and it does not interrupt the feeling then this is the ultimate experience and benefit. Any idea of how I can get a sample?

Ms. Danielle Williams
Chief Marketing Liaison
Abandoned Infants Destined to Succeed (A.I.D.S.)

Vashi Ram Chandi

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I wanted to share this info. I have friends with many medical ailments that are helped by Isamune. Since Isamune is also recommended for AIDS, I wanted to share it. Seems that natural solutions don't get much visibility in the USA. It's a shame that too often only the Rx solutions are known by doctors. Anyway, here's some info if you're interested:


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